Nuanced Approach to Advocacy


Corporate law

Establishment, organization and termination of corporate entities, as well as relations between their owners.

Commercial law

Consulting clients regarding domestic and international commercial activities

Protection of human rights

Domestic and international protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Private international law

Legal relations beyond State boundaries.


Alternative dispute resolution via domestic and international arbitral proceedings.

Real estate

Resolving all issues regarding real estate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.



Đukić Novaković Law Firm is a result of a long-standing cooperation between the two founders on various international projects. Matching ideas and concurring approaches to solving theoretical and practical legal issues have led to the next step in the means of merging into a new, young, independent and modern business organization. 

In the spirit of the circumstances under which our firm came to be, our services are directed predominantly to the areas of expertise of the founders, but also to other areas in which our lawyers have years of academic and practical knowledge and experience. We strive to ensure that the quality of our services is based on the knowledge that we as individuals have accumulated over the years, but also on a contemporary and innovative approach to advocacy. Our firm pays special attention to areas and branches of law that are expanding not only in our region but also worldwide, which primarily concerns alternative dispute resolution, as well as the impact of technological innovations on legal matters, cross-border businesses and commercial relationships.

Our services are characterized by continuous improvement of quality, implementing innovations, participating in both domestic and international professional meetings, exchanging experiences with renowned colleagues from all over the world, as well as direct and accessible relationship with our clients, whose interests are always put first.



Dimitrije Đukić

Dimitrije is one of the founders and a partner at the Đukić Novaković Law firm. He is a member of the Bar Association of Vojvodina. Besides practicing law, he also dedicates time to science and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Law of the University of Novi Sad, where he previously completed his LL.M course with the emphasis on international law. Find out more.

Nemanja NovakoviĆ

Nemanja is the other part of the founding duo and partner at the Đukić Novaković Law firm. He is a member of the Bar Association of Vojvodina. He primarily focuses on dispute resolution, especially in connection with the international sale of goods. He devoted a considerable part of his academic and professional career to the theory and practice of international public and private law, with special emphasis on domestic and international commercial arbitration. Find out more.



If you have any legal issues that you do not know how to resolve, or you need legal aid or advice for your business or your company, stop by our office which is located in the broader center of Novi Sad near the “SPENS” sports hall and “Karađorđe“ football stadium.

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